New York Real Estate

From The Most Sophisticated Commercial Deals To The First Time Home Buyer…


The Law Offices of Steven W. Stutman is one of the few real estate lawyers that have the versatility to deal with real estate closings that go from the very simple to the very sophisticated. Based in the NYC suburbs, The Law of Offices of Steve W. Stutman can handle clients anywhere in the New York Metropolitan area.

The LAw Offices of Steven W. Stutman represent both commercial clients and individuals in all proceedings that deal with real property.

This includes purchase selling, construction, mortgages and foreclosures, refinancings, exchanges, leases, zoning, title examinations, quiet title actions, closings and management.

Commercial Real Estate


Commercial real estate closings require the skills of an experienced real estate lawyer. Why? Because it often calls for knowledge in other areas of law. The Law Offices of Steven W. Stutman offers clients access to resources that address far-reaching legal concerns involving real estate transactions and disputes. 

Team Stutman clients have included developers, owners, property managers, tenants, financial institutions and investors in all types of disputes. 

Residential Real Estate


Steve understands that real estate is one of the largest transactions and most life-altering decisions a person can make. That's why you need an experienced real estate lawyer to handle your real estate closings.

Even a standard residential real estate transaction can easily become overwhelming. The legalities behind a property’s title, its boundaries, and conditions are only some of the facets to consider when buying or selling. 

Steve can ensure your rights and interests are protected when making a real estate transaction.