Contesting Your Tax Bill

You Could Be Wasting Thousands of Dollars Every Year On County And State Tax Errors


If you own property in New York State, you are undoubtedly aware that property taxes continue to make headlines around the state and are a great burden in today’s uncertain economic times.

The Law Offices of Steven W Stutman can help you understand the actions you need to undertake a tax grievance to fight your tax bill and reduce your property taxes.

Upon our initial intake, we typically conduct a preliminary analysis to determine whether or not you have a valid case for a reduction. In other words, we won’t waste your time.

Most New York homeowners are under the false assumption that filing a grievance will cause your assessment to rise. This is not true. Tax assessments are calculated on a yearly basis.

Typically, an assessment reduction and/or receiving a refund (if applicable) can take several years. However, counties like Nassau County now seek to adjust many homeowner’s assessment prior to the commencement of the then upcoming tax.